dog uncomfortable situations

What makes your dog uncomfortable?

80% of dog parents report that their dog is facing issues either regularly or in specific situations​

For your dog, many situations may represent challenges.

1 Staying home alone

For many dogs, staying home alone is very difficult. They may cry, bark, or sometimes even soil and damage the home while you are away.

2 Loud noises

Loud noises can be very scary for dogs. Many dog parents consider fireworks season to be a total nightmare for their dog! 

3 Outdoor fears

Some dogs are scared of everyday noises such as traffic and buzy pavements. It’s a scary world out there!

4 Travelling

Last but not least, travelling in the car can prove very difficult if your dog hates it! 

5 Kennels

Some dogs find going to kennels stressful, being aware from their family and strange and noise place.

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