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Help my dog be relaxed at home

I Want to help my dog feel relaxed at home

Changes in routine, the inherent chaos children bring to a household, visitors or loud noises can stress your dog at home. Learn how to help your dog stay calm. 

helping your dog be relaxed at home whilst you home

How To Help Your Dog Relax At Home in 5 Tips


Signs of stress

  • Licking lips or yawning could mean your dog is stressed
  • Pacing, barking, trying to hide or destruction might be signs of stress, too

Keep your dog active

Exercise keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Other ways to keep you dog active include:

  • Playing games with your dog
  • Training your dog to do something new
  • Chews, chew toys or activity feeders

Create a safe haven for your dog

  • Give your dog a chance to retreat from visitors, noise or children
  • Create a safe place in a quiet area of your home or somewhere your dog already spends a lot of time.
  • Use a dog bed or crate made comfy with blankets and cushions. Some dogs like to have area covered too.

Use ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser to help your dog feel calm & safe

  • Releases “comforting messages”’ to create a safe and secure environment
  • Constantly plug it where your dog spends most of the time
  • Improvement can be seen  within a week
  • Continued use for at least one month is recommended

Relaxed dog parent = relaxed dog

  • If you are stressed, your dog might recognise it
  • Stay relaxed and behave as normally as possible. By doing so, this will provide comfort to your dog
  • Continue your usual routine with your dog as much as possible, such as mealtimes or going for walkies at the same time each day

We recommend:

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Plug in where your dog spends most time for at least 30 days.

ADAPTIL Calm Refill

Provide constant comfort to your dog with a monthly refill.

Tips to help your dog to be relaxed at home

Even at home dogs can show stress or anxiety due to visitors, children, loud noises or change in routine. With these tips, you can help your dog stay calm and feel safe. 

Your dog is a social animal. Among your family, dogs feel most at home. However, loud noises, children playing, visitors, etc. can overwhelm and stress your dog from time to time. 

It is important that you support your dog and signalise that everything is alright and provide him a safe place to hide or retreat. 

Your dog is barking, is pacing around or is distancing himself from the family? Check out these tips on dog body language. Identify if your dog is stressed and help him cope better in times of stress and hubbub. 

Plug in ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser to release “comforting messages” that will help calm your dog. Using ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser  will help your dog feel calm and relaxed. 

Place the ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser close to where your dog spends most of the time. If your dog does not have a sleeping area or safe place, make sure to create one. Choose a quiet place in your home or an area in your house your dog has chosen to spend a lot