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Preparing to adopt a dog or puppy

a dog or puppy

Change can be stressful 
ADAPTIL can help

Even positive changes like adoption can be stressful for dogs. ADAPTIL comforts your new dog or puppy and helps them adjust to their new home, new family and new expectations.

Eli's story

See how ADAPTIL helped 10-month-old Eli overcome his fears and become an active member of his new forever familiy.

Tips to help your new dog settle in at home


Fit your dog with an Adaptil Collar as soon as you pick them up from the breeder or shelter.


Alternatively, you can plug in an Adaptil Diffuser and Refill—ideally 24 hours before bringing your dog home—in the room where your dog will spend most of its time.


Before travelling with your dog, apply Adaptil Spray to the crate or vehicle interior that your dog will be riding home in. See more tips for travelling with your dog to help make the car ride a positive experience.


At home, set aside a quiet “safe haven” where your dog can relax or retreat to as needed.


Establish routines early and follow them consistently. Knowing what to expect will help your dog feel more confident and secure.


See the socialization and training section of this website for more tips and advice.


If you have other dogs at home, introduce them on neutral territory rather than on their home turf. Get more tips for introducing a new dog to your existing pets.


Limit visitors during the first few days to give your dog time to adjust to their new home and family members.


Keep the Adaptil Collar on, or Adaptil Diffuser and Refill plugged in, continuously for at least 4 weeks. Replace monthly for ongoing support.


Use Adaptil Spray any time you want to give your dog a little extra reassurance and during all “first” experiences. Adaptil Spray can be applied to crates, bedding, bandanas, halters, clothing or any other surface in your dog’s environment.

Welcome them home with ADAPTIL

Adopting a new dog or puppy is an exciting time in both of your lives. It's the start of a life long relationship together and you want it to start on the right foot. The reassuring pheromones in ADAPTIL can help your new dog or puppy feel safe and secure from the start. ADAPTIL is proven to help dogs adjust to changes and new situations, settle faster in a new home, and reduce stress that can lead to unwanted behaviours.

WE RECOMMEND: Adaptil Collar and Adaptil Spray

Adaptil Collar

Adaptil Collar large

Adaptil Collars provide constant calming support wherever your dog goes, indoors or outdoors.

Adaptil Spray

Choose Adaptil Spray any time you want to give your dog a little extra reassurance.