puppy home alone

I want to help my puppy with staying home alone


happy home alone puppy

Help your puppy cope with your absence with ADAPTIL Junior

  • Clinically proven to help puppies stay alone.
  • Improvement happens within the first week.
  • Continued use for at least one month after adoption is recommended.

Provide “absence survival kit”

  • Comfortable and safe place where your puppy can stay (don’t leave your favorite shoes around!).
  • Full of chew toys and other distractions to stay occupied (treats, music, radio).

Departure and homecoming: discretion is a must!

  • Try not to pay attention to your puppy before leaving.
  • When you return, wait until your puppy is calm before interacting with him.
  • Never punish your puppy for any destruction, barking or mess in your absence. This would simply increase his worries and make it more likely to happen again.

We recommend:


Place the collar on your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Keep the collar on your puppy at all times.

Training your puppy to be home alone

No matter how much you LOVE your puppy, as every dog parent, you will need, from times to time, to leave him alone. This is not an easy thing for your puppy, but with a little training, he will manage and soon, will not even notice your absence!

The key success factor is for your fluffy ball to learn how to amuse himself alone and enjoy his own company. Dogs are highly social animals, so this requires training.

First teach your puppy to play alone while you are present. Offer a chewing toy, ideally stuffed with food or treats. Reward your puppy when he settles down and plays quietly with you around.

Then leave him alone for just a few minutes, while he’s still playing with his toy. From there, you will build up to longer periods (an hour or more).

You might consider using a crate. This helps some puppies feel more secure.

You need to make your departure and your homecoming as uneventful as possible. This means ignoring your puppy when you come back home.  Pretty difficult right? But if you let your puppy be super excited and jump around every time you come home, this could reinforce his wrong beliefs that you were gone for good. Ignoring him until he’s quiet is a way to explain that your absence didn’t matter at all.

Using ADAPTIL Junior will help your puppy feel reassured and comfortable when you are away.