puppy fears

I want to help my puppy with loud noises



Help your puppy with ADAPTIL Junior

  • Clinically proven to help puppies adapt to loud noises.
  • Results seen within the first 7 days.
  • Use continuously until your puppy is 6 months old.

Only scary if it's "new"

  • Train your puppy to accept routine noises and other “scary” things (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, phone…).
  • Give your puppy treats when they see or investigate scary things to help create a positive association.
  • Distract your puppy with toys and reward calmness.
  • Be patient, wait for your puppy to settle down.

The big bang

  • For outside noises like fireworks or thunderstorms, training may not be possible.
  • If your puppy reacts to loud noises, provide a crate or place to hide.
  • Play recordings of storms or fireworks very softly and give your puppy treats to show them that good things happen when they hear the noise.
  • Try to mask the noise by closing curtains and turning on the TV or radio.

We recommend:


Place the collar on your puppy right after adoption, and keep it on your puppy’s neck at all times.

Why is your puppy so scared?

At first, your puppy can be scared by many things, many sounds, many people: everything is totally new and unknown to him!

Give him opportunities to learn by exposing him to new sounds, loud noises and unfamiliar situations.

Expose your puppy gradually to each category of noise, to help him get familiar and settled.

Do not punish your puppy if they act out, this will only distress them further. On the contrary, reward your puppy when he manages to settle down, for instance in presence of this “scary noisy thing” (also known as the vacuum cleaner).

The best period to expose your puppy to new sounds is from 8 to 16 weeks, a period of maximum sensitivity.

ADAPTIL Junior releases “comforting messages” to help your puppy feel more confident and self-assured.

Using ADAPTIL Junior will help your puppy adapt faster to unfamiliar situations.