how does your puppy feel after adoption

How your puppy feels after adoption

For your puppy, adoption is a challenging time.  

In just a few days, so many big events will happen to him.

That’s a huge change for such a tiny fluffy ball!


These are some of the things your puppy will experience after adoption:

puppy being separated from it's mother

1 Separation

First, he will be separated from his mother and siblings. Close to his mother, your puppy was constantly receiving “comforting messages” that provided him reassurance.   

new home can be scary for puppies

2 New home

Then, after leaving his familiar surroundings, he will arrive in your home, a completely new environment, with many things that can be scary, like … an innocent vacuum cleaner!

puppy can be sad when left alone

3 Alone

Your puppy will get to know your family and become a family member in no time! You will soon mean the world to your pup, and he will follow you like your shadow. So imagine his feelings when you need to leave him alone to go to work!

puppy training

4 Training

And soon enough, you will start teaching him so many new things, like leash walking, where it’s ok to do his business, where and when he can eat, where he is not allowed to sleep…

strange dogs can be scary for puppies

5 Strangers

And during your walks, your puppy will also meet so many unfamiliar dogs and people!

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