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taking the dog to the vet


Fear among dogs visiting the veterinary clinic is a well recognised problem: in a study of 135 dogs*, 78.5% of them appeared fearful when entering a veterinary practice.

How does my dog feel while visiting the vet?

Many things can contribute to a dog feeling nervous while visiting the vet, from the smell of multiple animals, meeting new people and possibly staying overnight. Past experiences such as restraint used during examinations or feeling unwell from the condition the dog was suffering from while there can increase this insecurity over time.

Fortunately, Adaptil offers several options to help your dog feel more relaxed when visiting the veterinarian.

Adaptil has been clinically proven to help increase relaxation and reduce anxiety at the vet practice.  Many veterinarians are now utilizing Adaptil within their hospitals to help their patients feel calmer and more secure during their visit.



To ensure constant release of the appeasing pheromone while travelling to and at the clinic, apply Adaptil Spray to a bandana and place it around your dog’s neck. Remember to wait 15 minutes for the alcohol before placing the bandana on your dog.


While at the vet`s, use treats and praise when your dog is calm to reinforce your dog’s positive association with the clinic.


If your dog has to stay at the clinic for a short hospitalisation, you may choose to fit them with an Adaptil Collar, providing them with constant pheromone support for the duration of their stay. so that the dog can benefit from the appeasing pheromone during their entire stay.


Take your dog to visit the vet for fun visits - to receive treats, attention and praise, without experiencing things that the dog perceives as frightening. This reinforces that visiting the vet is a fun event, rather than a stressful one.

Note: Although Adaptil can help relieve your dog’s fear, the product is not recommended for managing cases of aggression. If your dog has a history of aggression towards the vet staff, muzzling is still recommended as a precaution.  

*Doring D, Roscher A, Scheipl F, Kuchenhoff H, Erhard M H, Fear-related behaviour of dogs in veterinary practice, The Veterinary Journal, 2009; 182, 38-43

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