dog uncomfortable situations

What makes your dog uncomfortable?

Even the most confident dogs have tough days

Learn how to help your dog cope with common situations that can be stressful for dogs.

dogs face challenging issues

1 Challenging situations

80% of dog parents report that their dog is facing issues either regularly or on specific occasions.

dog staying home alone

2 Staying home alone

For many dogs, staying home alone is very difficult. They may cry, bark, or sometimes even soil and damage the home while you are away. 

dogs and loud noises

3 Loud noises

Loud noises can be very scary for dogs. Many dog parents consider thunderstorm and fireworks season to be a total nightmare for their dog! 

dogs and fears like visitors

4 Unfamiliar situations

Some dogs feel really uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations, and can feel very scared. This can happen when meeting new people, new dogs, new animals...Such a scary world! 

dog and cat travel

5 Travelling

Last but not least, travelling in the car can prove very difficult if your dog hates it! 

ADAPTIL "comforting messages" help dogs cope with stressful situations