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New Environment


Over time, dogs become very comfortable in their home environment.  Any time this environment changes, such as moving to a new home, there can be an adjustment period before the dogs feels comfortable again.  

I am moving...now what?

During this transition, you can take some steps to ensure your dog is feeling as comfortable and secure as possible, to minimize any stress related signs that your dog might otherwise have shown.

How to help your dog adjust to a new home


Plug in an Adaptil Diffuser as soon as any routine begins to change in the original home, such as the house is being listed for sale, potential buyers looking at the home, packing your belongings, etc. Use the diffuser in the current home continuously until the end of moving day.


Plug an Adaptil Diffuser into the new home as soon as you have access to it, ideally 24 hours prior to the dog moving in. Use continuously for at least 30 days, replacing refills as necessary until the dog feels confident and secure in the new environment.


On moving day, apply Adaptil Spray to your dog's crate, bedding or a bandana that they will have contact with during transport to the new home.


Take your dog for a walk or run before going to the new home. A tired dog will settle more easily than one that has pent up energy.


Place your dog in a quiet room while moving in is taking place. Apply Adaptil Spray to the corners and floor of the room. Reapply every 4-5 hours as needed. Turn on a radio to help mask the sounds of moving.


Provide your dog with a special toy or treat to keep him occupied.


Reward your dog’s calm behaviour regularly with treats, affection and praise.


Once the move is complete, allow your dog to explore and sniff his surroundings.


Adaptil Diffuser

Adaptil Diffuser

ADAPTIL Diffusers and Refills work continuously to provide constant calming comfort at home.

Adaptil Spray

ADAPTIL Spray 20 mL

Choose Adaptil Spray any time you want to give your dog a little extra reassurance.