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Grooming can be challenging for dogs

Going to the groomer can introduce your dog to some situations that may be unusual or uncomfortable to them, such as being restrained, having sensitive areas touched, the smell of other dogs, being shampooed and brushed and having their nails trimmed.  

Fortunately, Adaptil offers several options to help support your dog while visiting the groomer. 

How to help your dog have a positive grooming experience


Use the Adaptil Spray on the blanket or the crate used in the car (REMEMBER to wait 15 minutes before putting the dog in the car once you have sprayed) if you travel to the groomer by car.


You may also fit your dog with an Adaptil Collar, but remind the groomer to remove the collar while shampooing your dog, as the cleaning detergent will remove the pheromones from the collar’s surface. The collar can be replaced once your dog is dry.


These options may be combined for an increased effect on your dog, as there is no negative interaction between them.

See also our tips and advice on how to help your dog have a positive travel experience.

*Note: Although Adaptil may help relieve your dog’s fear, the product is not recommended for managing cases of aggression. If your dog has a history of aggression towards the groomer, muzzling is still recommended as a precaution. However, seeking advice from a veterinarian or behaviourist is strongly advised.

WE RECOMMEND: Adaptil Spray or Collar

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Adaptil Collar

Adaptil Collar large

Adaptil Collars provide constant calming support wherever your dog goes, indoors or outdoors.