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going into kennels

kennels & BOARDING

While most boarding facilities do their best to keep dogs happy and stimulated while away from home, your dog may still need some extra support while adjusting to kennel life.

What challenges can dogs face while boarding?

Dogs experience several changes when they stay at a boarding facility, such as:

  • Separation from you
  • New people
  • Different noises, including barking
  • New environment
  • Strange dogs
  • Different routine 

These changes mean your dog may require a little bit of extra help the feel safe and secure while you are away. Your dog may require similar support when at a veterinary hospital. This is the reason why many veterinarians already use Adaptil in their practice to help support your dog and help prevent these issues.



To help your dog adjust to the kennel environment, fit an Adaptil Collar to your dog 24 hours before you go away.


Take some of your dog’s bedding with you to the kennel.


Leave something of yours with your dog as your scent will provide comfort and reassurance, and possibly a toy they enjoy.


If your dog is on long-term medication explain to the kennel when and how this is administered.


If you wish to provide your dog’s usual food make sure you supply enough for the entire stay.

Fitting an Adaptil Collar to your dog 24 hours prior to boarding can help your dog adapt to the boarding environment more easily by constantly providing your dog with calming pheromones.  It lasts for up to 4 weeks, and it is recommended to leave the collar on the dog for the entire 4 week period as it can help the dog re-adjust once back at home.

Adaptil has been proven to help reduce stress-related responses in sheltered dogs.