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Vet recommended


Adaptil is used and recommended by companion animal veterinarians all over the world.

Many veterinary hospitals use Adaptil within their practice to help dogs settle into the clinic environment.

Veterinary behaviourists regularly use Adaptil as part of their treatment plans for dogs demonstrating stress-related behaviours.

Adaptil is often seen as the first action to help support dogs and make them feel more relaxed and secure in a variety of situations.

How Veterinarians and the Healthcare Team Use Adaptil


The above video shows Pet Clinic in Omaha Nebraska and their experience of using Feliway and Adaptil in veterinary practice. They encourage the use of Feliway for their feline patients, to facilitate travelling and handling and to make the cat feel safer and more secure.

Adaptil Spray

Choose Adaptil Spray any time you want to give your dog a little extra reassurance.

Adaptil Diffuser

Adaptil Diffuser

Adaptil Diffusers and Refills (sold separately) work continuously to provide constant calming support at home.