Success Stories

Jack, 14 years old

Jack has always had severe anxiety his whole life and we have struggled to find ways to combat it. We would find temporary fixes but they would always not continue to help. As hes getting much older I worry more about the stress its causing on his heart. Hes always panting,crying and can't seem to sit still. I talked to the vet about medication after treats didnt help. She suggested the collar and its been about 4 days now and I have seen incredible improvement in his behavior as well as overall an improvement in his quality of life. I know how horrible constant anxiety feels and I know how great it feels to get relief from it so this made me happy to see that it has helped him without turning him into a vegetable. We are going to try another product to see if it can benefit his sister during storms as well as continue to help him without something being on him constantly as thats not something he's used to.