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How to help your dog cope with thunderstorms & fireworks


Build your dog a safe spot. If your dog already hides in a particular spot, then make sure that place has plenty of blankets to burrow under. This helps dampen the noise. If your dog likes his crate to hide in, then add a blanket over the top and extra towels on the inside.


Close the curtains or blinds. Some dogs will associate the flashes of light with the impending noise. Closing the blinds help them be more comfortable.


Play classical music or other other calming pet music. This type of music can have a soothing effect on your dog.


Consider using an ADAPTIL Collar or Diffuser. ADAPTIL dog appeasing pheromones help calm and reassure dogs during times of stress or fear. ADAPTIL® is clinically proven* to reduce fearful behaviors associated with fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. Signs such as trembling, hiding, and crying were reduced by nearly 80% after 30 days of use.


Please consult your veterinarian if your dog has severe signs and the above interventions are not working.

Signs your dog may be afraid of loud noises

Up to 50% of dogs may be affected by fear of loud noises. Watch your dog during noise events—such as fireworks or thunderstorms—for any of the symptoms listed below:

- Trembling and shaking
- Clinging to owners
- Whining or barking excessively
- Cowering & hiding behind furniture
- Trying to run away
- Soiling the house
- Pacing and panting
- Refusing to eat

Over time, sound sensitive dogs may begin to associate other events or things with their fear of the loud noise, for example, the rain or dark clouds that occur before thunderstorms begin.  

Using the tips above can help calm your dog during loud noises and help prevent the fear behaviours from worsening.

*Data on file

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