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Being homeless and in a shelter environment can be very stressful for dogs.  Adaptil® can help reduce stress while dogs adapt to their new surroundings and wait for their forever home.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue situation can be a very rewarding experience.  But transitioning to a new home can be very stressful for a dog, especially if they were in a temporary environment such as a shelter.  Shelters and rescues do their best to help dogs adjust and many use Adaptil in their facilities.  However, this is still a very frightening and stressful time for a dog. 

You can help your rescue dog adapt more quickly to your home by using Adaptil products.  Adaptil is clinically proven* to help dogs adjust to new homes more quickly.  

Reducing Stress Related Behaviors in Rescue Dogs

When dogs are adopted from shelters or rescue centers and re-homed, they are often under great stress while they adapt to their new home.  

Sometimes dogs display negative behaviors because of the stress and end up back in the shelter just weeks after adoption.  According to one study, 89.7% of people who return a dog to a shelter do so because the animal exhibits behavior they find undesirable*.

Give your new dog the best chance of success by plugging in an Adaptil Diffuser or fitting your dog with an Adaptil Collar the day you bring him home. The Adaptil Diffuser is clinically proven* to help dogs and puppies adapt to a new home environment after adoption from a shelter.  If your dog will spend a lot of time in an outdoor environment, use our Adaptil Collar.

However, behavior modification, with the help of a professional, may be required in addition to Adaptil, depending on the dog’s history, especially for rescue dogs with difficult backgrounds.

Watch this video for advice on what you can do to help your dog cope with changes:

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*Osella MC, Bergamasco L, Costa F, Use of a synthethic analogue of a dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) in sheltered dogs after adoption.  Current Issues and Research in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine, Proceedings of the 5th Int'l Vet Behavior Meeting, Minn, USA, 2005; 270-273.

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