Puppy Training



puppy training

Help your puppy learn better during training with ADAPTIL Junior

  • May help to improve learning during training 
  • Use continuously until your puppy is 6 months old 

Follow training “golden rules”

  • Keep sessions short and repeat often
  • Reward good behaviors.  Don’t ever punish your puppy, this may lead to fear or anxiety
  • Be patient and consistent
  • Start early, right after adoption

Socialization is critical

  • Expose your puppy to all the situations he may encounter in his life during this time.  Don’t over do it though
  • Reward your puppy when being brave during new situations
  • This will prevent fears in the future

Consider training and socialization classes 

  • A fun and effective way to encourage your puppy to learn and develop into a confident, outgoing dog in all circumstances
  • Designed for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old
puppy training

We recommend:


Place the collar on your puppy right after adoption. Keep it on your puppy at all times.

Why is socialization so important for young puppies?

There is a ‘sensitive period’ every puppy has at the start of their lives between 8 – 16 weeks of age. During this window of time, puppies learn to accept things around them as part of normal life with nothing to worry about. That’s why it’s essential to introduce your puppy to as much as possible during this period in a positive way.

After this period, your puppy may find it more difficult to cope with new experiences.

How to socialize your puppy

Introduce your puppy to as much as possible during this time period.

Make sure all encounters are enjoyable. Give strangers tasty treats to feed your puppy and a favorite toy so they can play. If your puppy seems anxious or fearful, give him/ her more space and freedom to approach in their own time (common signs to look out for are ears back, cowering, tucked in tail, licking lips, yawning).

Try to plan ahead to ensure your puppy experiences what will be important in your life together. For example if you enjoy visiting the country but live in a city be sure to introduce your puppy to barnyard animals as well as loud city noises (buses, cars, trains etc). 

Using ADAPTIL Junior during this period helps your puppy to learn better and faster, and develop into a well-trained adult dog.