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Dog actually and it's Pita, 11 years old

separation anxiety

Our 10 yr old dog has recently developed SEVERE separation anxiety and loud noise sensitivity. She started destroying her doggy gate, pooping, and peeing in the kitchen and flipping her food and water bowls every time we left the house...... EVERY TIME!! Thunder and concussive sounds (like fireworks) turned her into a complete wreck. Panting, pacing, whining. We read that these things can develop in older dogs. We tried everything to help her, and us. Nothing helped. After a long day at work it was rough coming home to an enormous mess. None of the solutions we tried worked and we were not going to sedate our dog. So I decided to give the ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser a shot. Honestly we didn't expect it to work. Nothing else did so why should this. WOW - were we shocked. All bad habits vanished in a day! No more horrible homecomings and she actually slept calmly during 4th of July fireworks. Last week the diffuser went empty and I didn't get a chance to refill it right away. I came home to the poop, pee, chewed up stuff and dumped food bowls. After cleaning up the second day I went out to get another refill. The next day I came home from work and there was no mess, just a happy little dog (and happy mom). This stuff is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation.