Success Stories

Max , Fluffy


My oldest dog max is 13 and has had severe anxiety when he goes for car rides for last 6 years or so. Makes it so hard to travel anywhere with him. Painting & breathing hard and shaking like crazy. I asked one vet what he recommended and he didn’t have any solution do to his age. I tried melatonin for dogs and it maybe calmed them after couple of hours. But not much. I asked another vet what do since he gets extra traumatized at both the groomers and vet appointments. He said try the ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar, that it really helps to calm them. The collar gradually releases pheromones calming the dog especially during stressful situations. He said give it up to 10 days but it seemed to work in less than 24hrs. I drove over 4 1/2 hours in the car and he laid down calm as can be the whole time then I took another trip that was five hours and he was perfectly calm and content and the same on the way back he is a stress-free dog thanks to this veterinarian. Hands-down the best I’ve known I just wish I would’ve known about it sooner!!