Success Stories



I am writing you about our 14 month old labradoodle, Daisy May, whom we adopted May 2019 through a rescue organization. Her back story is that she spent the first 10 mos or so of her life in an outdoor cramped and filthy "dog run" and then a couple of months in foster care (she had 5 different fosters). We drove 5 hours to pick her up from her foster 7 days after her first birthday. She was petrified and it was a challenge just to "catch" her inside the foster's home. She does not have a problem interacting with other dogs but for humans she has nothing but distrust. I spent the first couple of weeks crying sometimes because I was so sad on her behalf and yet frustrated as to why she won't instantaneously believe me that I chose her and love her.  I was also concerned about whether or not I was doing the right things and/or enough. I began to do a LOT of reading and knowledge sharing online. I have not taken her to the vet yet as she had already been thoroughly checked out with the rescue's vet, is current on all of her shots, and we are still working on her fears and anxiety of other humans.... oh how far we have come from the initial days of pooping herself out of fear when she saw a new human. The vet knows I have her and knows why they haven't seen her yet. So, when I was in last week getting my other dog's last round of puppy shots, I was telling them that I felt like we had somehow hit a plateau and I needed to know if there was anything they could recommend or should I just bring her in to get on anxiety prescription(s). Along with their complete support of my bringing her to the vet simply for social visits, they told me about ADAPTIL and recommended the collar since she is anxious 24/7. So I came home and immediately ordered two collars and as soon as they were delivered 8/03/19, I immediately put one on her. Within less than 24 hours, I was noticing signs of improvement. Biggest thing is less cowering, but she also doesn't stop playing with a toy when she notices me watching, and she appears to be engaging more with the humans....and relaxing. Yesterday we went on a walk and she usually freaks out if she sees another person (and we always see people but this is part of helping her get socialized...stretching her outside of her comfort zone)...anyway, she was UNPHASED by them....just kept up her little prance with her head held high and watched them walk past us. Today, I got her to sit in front of me to get a treat. I only got her to sit on command just a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it was 100% treat driven and she would only sit in the kitchen with her back in the corner. Then today again, about 30 minutes after the treat, she came to sit next to me (again, back was not against anything) and let me pet her. That is the first time I have been able to pet her if I am not sitting on the sofa or the bed next to her. I am in awe and definitely a fan of ADAPTIL from this point forward. There are still some signs of anxiety so I believe I will replace the lavendar spray that I currently use on her bear with ADAPTIL spray. I am so very thankful to see our progress on a roll again. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!