How to help your dog’s fear of new people and visitors?


Help your nervous dog feel more confident around visitors with ADAPTIL

  • ADAPTIL releases pheromones to create a safe and secure environment
  • Vet recommended calming solution

Introduce guests to your dog

  • Keep guest numbers low at first
  • Allow your dog to approach guests in their own time, sniff and familiarise themselves.

Reward good behaviour

  • Reinforce good, calm behaviour with rewards
  • Make sure you have treats ready when guests are due to arrive
  • It may also help if guests have treats to give the dog

Try using their lead

  • If you struggle to stop your dog from jumping or lunging keep them on a short lead when guests arrive

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ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Helps your dog cope with fears of visitors or unfamiliar people.

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Tips to help your dog’s fear of new people & visitors:

New people & visitors

It’s common for dogs to react poorly to things that they are unfamiliar with. Doorbell sounds, visiting guests and unfamiliar scents can all be alarming to your pet if they are not used to them. Socialisation and noise training are all important for this reason; they can help your pet learn that meeting new people or animals, and hearing new sounds doesn’t have to be scary. This training will also help your dog be more friendly to people and other dogs outside of the home.

Gradually socialise your dog:

Gradually socialising your dog on walks, classes, and in everyday situations can help them learn to stay calm around new and unfamiliar people. Familiarising your pet with the sound of the doorbell - rewarding calm behaviour, and ignoring aggression or barking, may help if the sound of the doorbell is a trigger.

Help train your dog:

It may help to have friends or family help you to train your dog. Make sure visitors have a treat ready to give the dog - but only when they are calm - to build a positive association. Let your visitors know that they should ignore aggressive or agitated behaviour. If your dog’s behaviour is especially aggressive, try keeping them in a separate room while guests enter, then when your pet is calm, introduce them to each guest slowly, one at a time - with treats for a calm response.


Encouraging a safe and happy home environment will also help your dog stay calm in unexpected or new situations. Using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser in your home can support your dog. The ADAPTIL Diffuser releases comforting messages that let your dog know that everything is ok, and helps them feel calm and secure.