How to help your dog’s excessive barking ?


Help reduce your dog’s vocalisation with an ADAPTIL Collar

  • The ADAPTIL Collar releases pheromones to create a safe and secure environment
  • Vet recommended calming solution
  • Continued use for at least 1 month is recommended

Identify the triggers

  • Try to work out what your dog is barking about
  • Are they barking because they are home alone ? other dogs ? or another animal ?

Reward your dog once they have calmed down

  • Avoid yelling or punishing a dog that is barking due to anxiety
  • Reward your dog once they have calmed down
  • Don’t provide attention or treats to stop the barking

Excessive barking when your dog is home alone

  • ADAPTIL helps soothe dogs that are home alone by creating a sense of calm
  • Reducing barking by 65% after 1 month 

We recommend:

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Creating a safe and secure environment, producing a sense of calm.

ADAPTIL Calm On‑The‑Go Collar

Providing a sense of calm, making your dog feel relaxed and secure.

Tips to help your dog with excessive barking?

Always be patient:

Although it can be frustrating if your dog is disturbing you (and the neighbours) it’s important to remain calm and patient. You should avoid scolding your dog as this won’t help their learning and may confuse them further.

Keep your dog occupied

Your pup might simply be barking from boredom so make sure that you keep them busy, fulfilled - and tired out - throughout the day! This may involve toys, games, walks and training. Depending on your dog’s breed, they may need a few extra walks during the day, or an energetic game of fetch to tire them out. Try to give your dog some exercise just before bed. A toy with food in the middle which requires your dog to lick is useful as licking is self-soothing and can comfort your dog.

Be aware of other factors that may cause barking

If your dog is frightened of something in the room or animals going past the window, try to remove them - for example, by closing windows and blinds. Make your dog’s bed or create a comforting place to discourage them from barking - they’ll love a doggy den complete with toys and blankets.

If your dog is barking excessively when left home alone consider using an ADAPTIL Collar which releases “comforting messages” to calm and reassure your dog helping them reduce their barking when home alone. ADAPTIL is supported by a 30 day money back guarantee.


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