Top training tips - Socialisation

puppy socialisation

Everyday things can be scary if your dog has never seen them before. There is a ‘sensitive period’ for every dog, between 8 – 16 weeks of age. During this time, they learn to accept things around them as normal with nothing to worry about. This period is the best time to help your new dog socialise with other dogs, animals and people, and start learning basic training.

How to socialise your dog?

  • Try to expose your dog to as many different situations and individuals as possible during this period. Later, your dog may find it more difficult to cope with unknown situations.
  • Expose them regularly, but not to too many novelties at a time!
  • Make all encounters enjoyable. Reward quiet reaction to each exposure with treats and warm voice.
  • Introduce new objects at a distance. Give strangers (e.g. friends coming to visit you at home) tasty treats and a toy so they can interact around food and play.
  • If your dog seems anxious, give more space and freedom to approach in their own time. Distract them with a toy.
  • Common signs to look out for checking if they are not comfortable are ears back, cowering, tucked in tail, licking lips, yawning. Signs that your dog feels ok are a relaxed tail and face or a playful posture. Read our tips to become an expert in reading your dog body language.
  • Using ADAPTIL during this critical life stage helps your dog keep positive during these encounters. It has been proven to help them learn better and quicker, and develop into balanced adult dogs.

Dog classes

  • Dog classes are a great way to encourage your dog to learn and develop into a confident, outgoing dog in all circumstances.
  • Dogs schools are designed for dogs 8 to 16 weeks old.
  • They are a fun way to bond with your dog during its most important developmental period.

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