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used & recommended by veterinarians 

Adaptil® is used and recommended by companion animal veterinarians all over the world.

Many veterinarians use Adaptil within their practice to help reduce stress during veterinary exams and hospitalization.

Veterinary behaviorists also regularly use and recommend Adaptil products.

A Veterinary Practice Describes How They Use Adaptil

The following video shows The Pet Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska and their experience of using Feliway® and Adaptil® in veterinary practice. 

Adaptil Collar

Adaptil Collar large

The Adaptil Collar is activated by body heat and releases the calming pheromone constantly, even when the dog is outside....

Adaptil Diffuser

Adaptil Diffuser

Scientific studies* have shown that using Adaptil helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies exposed to...