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    Junior Jo, 4 yrs old

    Before using the collar it was difficult to get our dog in the car. Once in he experienced car sickness and anxiety. Within a day of use he was much...


    Chewie, 6 yrs old

    Our dog developed a noise phobia all of a sudden The smallest noise would upset him. He was suffering from backward sneezing fits, asthma and diarrhea...


    Eeyore and Bella, 12 yrs old

    Working at a vet office we see many products, the ones that work is the question. I have two labs that have separation anxiety, destructive, boredom....


    Hannah, 12 yrs old

    My veternariation diagnosed my older dog with CDS "dog senilility" for short. My dog was urinating in the house before (and after) going outside to...


    Shorty, 12 yrs old

    My dog wears this collar 24/7 and it has made a 100% improvement in his behavior. 

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