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Several situations are known to be unpleasant for dogs, and going to the groomer can be one of them. This can be due to being manipulated while restrained, having certain sensitive body areas touched, being shampooed, brushed, and having their nails trimmed, etc.

Fortunately, Adaptil offers several options to help your dog cope with going to the groomer. 

Some groomers use the Adaptil Diffuser in their facilities and the Adaptil Spray on the blankets and tables they use for grooming.

Tips for Successful Visits to the Groomer


A day before going to the groomer, put an Adaptil Collar on your dog. This will give your dog 24 hours of calming pheromones before the visit. You can also spray Adaptil on a bandana to place around your dog's neck.


If your dog is wearing an Adaptil Collar, the groomer will need to remove it prior to the bath. The Collar should be placed back on your dog as soon as the grooming is finished.


If your dog is fearful, talk to the groomer about what they are doing to help alleviate your dog's stress. Don't hesitate to find another groomer if you aren't satisfied with the answers.


Adaptil Spray & Collar can be combined for the best effect on your dog, as there is NO possibility of "overdose".

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*Note: Although Adaptil may help relieve your dog’s stress, the product is not recommended for aggression or extreme phobias. Talk to a veterinary professional to discuss options on how to help your dog overcome his fears. 

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