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    Vinnie, 5 yrs old

    My 4 year old frenchie has been very territorial over almost everything and he will try and get at our pitbull. He has made our pitbull scared of him...


    Layla, 9 yrs old

    ADAPTIL worked very well for our former dogs who were older and very clingy to me. Now I'm lending it out for others to use!


    Junior Jo, 5 yrs old

    Before using the collar it was difficult to get our dog in the car. Once in he experienced car sickness and anxiety. Within a day of use he was much...


    Chewie, 7 yrs old

    Our dog developed a noise phobia all of a sudden The smallest noise would upset him. He was suffering from backward sneezing fits, asthma and diarrhea...


    Eeyore and Bella, 13 yrs old

    Working at a vet office we see many products, the ones that work is the question. I have two labs that have separation anxiety, destructive, boredom....

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