dog home alone




Use ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser to help your dog feel calm when you're gone

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  • Results seen within 7 days
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Prepare for leaving

  • Create a comfortable and safe place for your dog to stay
  • Provide lots of chew toys or toys stuffed with food
  • Play soothing sounds like classical music to help your dog relax 

Departure and homecoming

  • Minimize the fuss when you leave.  Your dog may think there is a reason they should be worried
  • When you return, wait until your dog is calm before saying "hi"
  • Never punish your dog for any destruction, barking or mess in your absence. This would simply increase his worries and make it more likely to happen again
dog home alone

We recommend:

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Plug in where your dog stays alone continuously for at least 30 days.

ADAPTIL Calm Refill

Provide constant comfort to your dog with a monthly refill.

Tips to help your dog to be calm home alone

Your dog is a highly social animal.  They feel better and more confident when you are around. However, you can’t take them with you everywhere.

How can you tell if your dog is having issues when home alone?

Since you are not there, how can you know what happens? Use your phone to record what your dog does while you are gone.  Ask your neighbours, they might hear some whining or barking. Check your door frames for scratch marks. Also your dog might leave some very obvious signs, like destroying furniture. 

So what can you do?

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of exercise before you leave and plenty of distraction during your time away
  • Plug in ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser to release “comforting messages” that will help calm your dog
  • Avoid making a big fuss when you leave. Ignore your dog if he’s super excited when you come back, wait until he’s calm to say "hi"
  • Reward your dog when he settles down and plays quietly with you around

Using ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser  will help your dog feel calm and relaxed when you are away.

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser is clinically proven to show results within the first month:

  • 91% less destruction to furniture and belongings
  • 75% less house soiling
  • 65% less barking