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puppy training

Training your puppy is very important. It is the language we use to “talk” to our dogs and teach them how to be calm, well-behaved members of our family. Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Use positive-rewards-based training only. Punishment and dominance training will only frighten your puppy and it does NOT enhance learning. Read what the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has to say on Dominance Theory.  

How to use Adaptil® in Puppy Training


Be patient. Your puppy is young and doesn’t know the human rules. Give her time and positive reinforcement, and she will quickly learn what you want her to do.


Use a basic collar, head halter or body harness. Never use pinch or choke collars that cause pain.


Use simple commands like "sit," "stay," and "down" and be consistent.


Using Adaptil during training may help dogs learn better* because they are calmer and more confident. This has a long-lasting effect that may lead to more well-behaved adult dogs. One service organization that trains dogs for the visually impaired found that using Adaptil during puppy training increased graduation success* by 19%.


Adaptil (Collar and Diffuser) products have been clinically proven* to promote learning by helping reduce stress during training. This helps your puppy concentrate and be more responsive.


Adaptil Collar is particularly useful in training as it provides constant release of the comforting pheromone, for the benefit of your dog indoors and out.


In addition to the Adaptil Collar, an Adaptil Diffuser is useful if plugged in the room where training sessions take place, as it benefits all dogs at once.


Adaptil Spray can also be applied on leashes, bandanas, and all accessories used during training, to reinforce the comforting message.

See also this video: How to use Adaptil for puppy and dog training.

For more information on training click on this link.

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*Denenberg S, Landsberg GM, Effect of dog-appeasing pheromones on anxiety and fear in puppies during training and its effects on long term socialization.  J Am Vet Med Assoc 2008; 233, 1874-1882.

DePorter T, Landsberg G, Beck A, Evaluation of DAP diffuser vs. placebo for guide dogs completely the final stage of training program leading to graduation as a working guide with a visually impaired person. ACVB/AVSAB Veterinary Symposium Proceedings, 2012.

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Adaptil Diffuser

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