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puppy adoption

Bringing home your new puppy is an incredibly exciting moment. To help your puppy become well-adjusted and grow up to be a wonderful, calm dog, there are certain considerations and preparations that should be made as you embark on this journey. 

Are you thinking of bringing home a new puppy in the next few weeks? Or know somebody who is? 

We know this is an exciting but also slightly nerve-wracking time so we at ADAPTIL® would like to accompany you on this journey, lending you a helping hand with a new product that is designed to give your puppy the best start in life!

If you are happy to be filmed* and record your experience throughout this journey, please send an email with some details about yourself (including a picture and where you live) to: jennifer.styrsky@ceva.com 

We are looking for the following:

- Person or couple living in an urban location
- Ideally between 24-40 years
- Looking to bring home an 8 week old puppy

Do note that you will have to be available for filming 2 -3 times over the month of August. Of course we will also support you with free product** and lots of advice. 

*Permission to use name and/or likeness in minimum (but not limited to) one national print ad campaign, in addition to social media promotional initiatives, in perpetuity.

**Lifetime supply of ADAPTIL® and Vectra® 3D (flea and tick preventive) related to the life of the winning dog, not to exceed twelve years. There will be no transfer of award upon death. 

Adaptil Puppy Series

We have collected some special advice from veterinary experts to ensure that the addition of your new puppy is as happy and stress free as possible.

Picking the perfect breed and type of puppy for you and your home

Watch and listen as behavioral expert Carolyn Menteith explains the most important factors to consider before choosing a puppy for your household.

Essential health care information for your puppy

Watch this video as behavioral expert Carolyn Menteith discusses the proper steps for socialization to help your puppy become happy and well-adjusted.

A practical guide to basic training for your puppy

Watch as behavioral expert Carolyn Menteith shares these easy-to-follow training methods to teach your puppy to sit, stay, come to you, and more.

Settling Your Puppy in at home


Adaptil is clinically proven* to help your puppy adjust to his new home more quickly with less night crying.


Put an Adaptil collar on your dog as soon as you get him. It should fit snugly, with no more than a two-finger width between the collar and the neck.


The collar should be worn continuously and it will last 30 days.


Replace the collar every 30 days for the first four months to help keep your puppy calm and confident during this critical lerarning and socialization period.


Also, expose your puppy to lots of positive new experiences and people while he is still young.

The above steps using Adaptil may help reduce stress and help ensure your relationship with your new puppy is a great one. Adaptil has been clinically proven* to help support an easier and faster settling process in the new home for the puppy.

When you bring your puppy home, remember that many have never been in a car.  Help reduce fear or stress during this first car ride. Keep your puppy calm and relaxed as it takes its first ride home with you. Plan ahead with a carrier or some way to restrain your puppy in the car for the safety of all occupants.

Apply Adaptil Spray in the car.  This spray should be applied 15 minutes before your dog is introduced to the car.  For long journeys, reapply the spray every 4 to 5 hour 

See video advice from our advisor on how Adaptil can help your puppy:

*Taylor K, Mills D,  A placebo-controlled study to investigate the effect of Dog Appeasing Pheromone and other environmental and management factors on the reports of disturbance and house-soiling during the night in recently adopted puppies.  Applied Animal Behavior Science 105 (2007) 358-368.

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