Going Away Without Your Dog

Going Away Without Your Dog

When you are planning a holiday or a weekend away it is good to think in advance about your pet and be prepared to leave them where they will be happy to stay while you are away. You can leave your dog with a friend or a family member, have a dog - sitter or take them to a kennel.

Leaving your dog with a friend or a dog - sitter

Our Expert's Top Tips:

- Think about your dog's personality/what’s best for him/her when choosing the right sitter. Eg. If your dog is energetic it is good to leave him with an active person.

- If you have a trusted dog sitter or a family member who can stay in your house while you are away, that might be better for your dog.

- If you are planning on leaving your dog at your friends’/family’s house make sure your  dog is used to their  temporary home and the person taking care of him by organising a few visits in advance of your holiday.

- Make sure you leave clear instructions on how to look after your pet, including:

  • Your dog's routine: how many walks a day your dog is used to, how long are their walks etc. If your sitter can’t maintain your dog’s routine consider hiring a dog walker to share the responsibility.
  • Feeding times: how often to change the water bowl, what your dog can and can’t eat.
  • Vet’s contact details.
  • Your contact number in case of emergency.                                                                                                                                                                       

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Helping dogs cope with changes

The video provides advice on How to use Adaptil to help your dog cope with difficult changes in their life.