dogs in rehoming centres or shelters


The shelter environment can be very stressful for dogs and most require support while they adapt to their new surroundings.

Dogs often show a variety of stress-related signs including:

  • Anorexia/lack of appetite
  • Excessive barking
  • Fear
  • Stomach upsets
  • Excessive locomotion/pacing
  • Panting
  • Self-mutilation
  • Repetitive (stereotypic) behaviours

Adaptil Collars and Adaptil Diffusers have been proven to help reduce the signs of stress and fear in rescue shelter dogs.

Adopted dogs from a rescue shelter

After adapting to kennels, a similar situation is commonly observed when dogs are adopted from shelters or rescue centres and re-enter to a home environment. Again, the dog may show temporary stress-related behaviours while it adapts to its new home. Unfortunately, it is believed that this is the reason for many people returning dogs to rescue centres in the weeks following adoption. According to a study, 89.7% of people who return a dog to a shelter do so because the animal exhibits behaviour they find undesirable*.

Adopted dogs from a rescue shelter how to help them adjust

When plugged in by the new owners from the day of adoption, Adaptil Diffuser is proven to help dogs and puppies adapt to a new home environment after adoption from a shelter.

However, behaviour modification through the help of a professional may be required alongside Adaptil depending on the dog’s history, especially for rescue dogs with difficult backgrounds.

The above video provides advice on what you can do to help your dog cope with changes to their routine such as stays in kennels or going into a shelter.

For more information on dogs into a kennel environment and how Adaptil can help, see also boarding kennels for dogs.

* Wells D L, Hepper P G, Prevalence of behaviour problems reported by owners of dogs purchased from an animal rescue shelters. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2000; 69 55-65

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