Adaptil and Charities

ADAPTIL and Charities

How does ADAPTIL work with charities?

The charities work tirelessly to help find dogs their forever homes without too much stress but unfortunately, the kennel environment can sometimes be a challenging environment for them.

Along with the environmental enrichment and behaviour assessments, we know ADAPTIL can make a big difference to the dogs, not only in the kennel environment but also while settling into their new home.

At Ceva we have a dedicated Account Manager who works with our charity partners to ensure they have the correct ADAPTIL resources needed to help in the rehoming process. We manufacture exclusive charity collars at an affordable price.

ADAPTIL has worked with and supported Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Wood Green, Blue Cross, Pup Aid and Hope Rescue.

What is the ADAPTIL ‘Happy Homes Initiative’?

Ceva Animal Health launched the 'ADAPTIL Happy Homes Initiatives' in partnership with Hope Rescue.The initiative was designed to help the dogs going into their foster homes to settle in happy and healthy!

We gave the new foster families dogs beds, ADAPTIL collars, Logic Oral Hygiene Gel for their teeth, Logic EaseFlex for joints, Kong toys, blankets and flea and worming treatment.

With these items we hope that more dogs will find it easy to adapt and settle into their wonderful foster homes and increase their chances of eventually finding their loving forever home.

To find out more watch our video about how ADAPTIL and Ceva helped Hope Rescue:


Who are Hope Rescue?

Hope Rescue is not a rescue centre in the conventional sense. Established by our Chair of Trustees, Vanessa Waddon, in 2005, Hope Rescue are primarily a co-ordinating rescue saving dogs from emergency situations.

The majority of the dogs Hope Rescue helps are stray dogs facing destruction after spending their statutory 7 days in the pound. Hope commit to taking all stray dogs from three Local Authorities in South Wales – Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Torfaen County Borough Council and Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, this is irrespective of breed, age or medical condition. Their ethos is that “no-one gets left behind and every dog gets a chance”. They also take in dogs from the public as and when they have capacity.

Hope Rescue do not have their own rescue centre however they have a great network of fosterers who work hard to give dogs a loving environment. Here dogs can learn and adjust to family life before finding their loving forever home. If Hope cannot secure a rescue space or foster home for our dogs then they use boarding kennel facilities in South Wales, kennel costs are their biggest expense!

What charities have to say about ADAPTIL 

Wood Green Animal Shelter 

“We use ADAPTIL collars on all young dogs and puppies that come into our kennels, we also use them on any dogs that have a known history of nervousness. We have found that the use of ADAPTIL collars alongside appropriate environmental enrichment and exercise has reduced stress levels in many cases. ADAPTIL collars are also recommended by our staff when they do behaviour consultations with members of the public where their use would be deemed appropriate.”

Sue Ketland, Behaviour & Training Consultant Dog Welfare


“Since the Jersey Society For Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Animals’ Shelter, started using the CEVA products we have noticed a significant improvement in behaviour with disclaimed animals and firs time boarders. There is no doubt in my mind that these pheromone products are the reason and as such we recommend to all new adopters that for the first month or so they should continue with these products until the animal is totally settled in their new forever home”

Major Stephen Coleman, Chief Executive; JSPCA 


"The Guernsey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Guernsey both use and retail the ADAPTIL and FELIWAY products at the Animal Shelter. The benefits for both the dogs and cats are clearly visible and we use a selection of products in the rehoming areas and the commercial boarding sections of our kennels and catteries. Not only does it appear to help reduce the signs of stress and anxiety of the dogs and cats in our care, but it is extremely popular in the retail area at our reception desk. The team at CEVA are extremely helpful and are always happy to answer any queries and give support where they can."

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager