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  • separation anxiety



    I would just like to say what an amazing product Adaptil is!! I have a Great Dane and she suffers from separation anxiety. Since purchasing your product...


    Poppy, 3 yrs old

    We're not sure we really can believe what's happened since we plugged in an Adaptil diffuser a week ago. Our very nervous Bedlington accepted fireworks...

    adaptil tablets


    Beau , Lottie & Dora

    I have three English Cocker Spaniels of differing ages and I have tried the Adaptil Diffuser and Adaptil Spray before which I found ok. However, this...

    Adaptil Diffuser


    Barley, 14 yrs old

    "Our 13-year-old lab had got very grumpy with our younger dog, to such an extent they couldn't be in the same room together, with lots of growling, hissing and...


    Stick e Adaptil 31_12_14 (1).jpg

    Stick, 2 yrs old

    I used Adaptil tablets for my dog Stick who suffers from fireworks phobia. He weighs 10 kg and took 2 tablets about two hours before the beginning...

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