Success Stories

Toby, 9 years old

I have been using the ADAPTIL collar for one week and I am seeing amazing results! Toby is usually a nervous wreck especially when it comes to fireworks and thunder. It had even got to the stage that cooking our meals would set Toby off into blind panic because the smoke alarm went off once. A week ago whilst dinner was cooking, Toby was panting and pacing about. He was in quite a state and I was concerned that he might have a heart attack or something. Toby has been getting worse every Friday night when we cook steak! This Friday was a different story... Toby didn't bat an eyelid. He layed on his cool mat quite unconcerned! I have never seen him so calm on a Friday night! Also we have had a lot of RAF planes practicing overhead. This would usually be too much for Toby but not anymore! He took no notice. I am so happy with the transformation. I hope that the collar helps him when it thunders. I am fairly optimistic that he will be a lot calmer. I will be purchasing a collar every month from now on. I would highly recommend to anyone with a dog that suffers with anxiety to give the collar a try.