Success Stories

Boycie, 7 years old

It's my pleasure to rate this product. I've used an ADAPTIL collar for my rescue dog from day 1 and it's proved an invaluable support for his rehabilitation that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Boycie suffered some terrible mental and physical abuse before he was dumped and found wandering the city streets as a stray. He has a lot of baggage to deal with and reacts to a number of triggers. I'm pleased to say that ADAPTIL has really helped to keep him calm while we have built up his thresholds for coping with the triggers. The collars generally last around three weeks or so, and I can tell from his behaviour when one is running out. This to me is a clear demonstration of its efficacy. I have used an integrated approach to supporting his recovery which includes essential oils, physical therapy and behavioural techniques and ADAPTIL has been an ideal natural component of this.