tips for a new puppy

Tips for your new puppy

How will you make your puppy’s adoption a family success?

puppy adoption

The big day is approaching, you will soon be able to pick your puppy and bring him back home.

Make sure your first days go smoothly with our checklists and tips!

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Checklist of things you will need to have:

  • For sweet dreams: comfortable bed and blanket
  • For nice walks: Lead and collar
  • For delicious meals: food bowl, water bowl, puppy food
  • For hours of fun: toys like rope, puzzle feeders, check out these 7 best puppy toys
  • Also consider a crate or puppy pen, to create a safe place for your puppy inside your home
  • And of course ADAPTIL Junior to provide “comforting messages” at all times!

Safety checklist:

  • Puppy proof your home: Remove anything that you would not wish to be chewed, e.g. electrical wires.
  • If you have a garden, make sure the fencing and gates are secure.
  • In case your puppy gets lost, get them wear a tag with their name and your phone number on it.

Prepare yourself to become a patient teacher!

Your puppy has many things to learn… from you! To see success when training your pup read these 4 tips and techniques for positive puppy training to get off to a good start!

  • Sleep through the night
  • House training
  • House rules: where to sleep and where to eat
  • Recognise and answer to his name
  • Lead training
  • You might want some help from professional teachers and puppy classes (basic puppy training) are an excellent starting point.

Follow our socialisation and achievement list for your puppy:

Socialisation list

Are your ready for your puppy?