puppy fears




Help your puppy with ADAPTIL Junior

  • Clinically proven to help puppies adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • Improvement happens within the first week
  • Continued use until 6 months old is recommended

Only scary when its new

  • Train your puppy to accept unusual noises and other “scary” things (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, phone etc.)
  • Distract with toys and reward good and calm behaviour
  • Give them time, wait for your puppy to settle down

The big bang

  • For outside noises like fireworks or thunderstorms you can try to socialise them to noises as long as it is well away from the busy firework period.
  • Using a sounds CD (available online). Make sure to introduce gradually. Exposing your dog to sounds of fireworks, rain, gunshots, thunder and much more.
  • Start super quiet really just at the volume they barely hear it.
  • Day after day, increase the volume progressively and stop increasing the volume if they seem to react badly to it.
  • Reward your dog when they responds well.
  • This process can take quite a long time, so better to do it long before or after firework season.
  • Seek more advice at puppy classes
  • If there is a sudden episode of thunder or fireworks to mask the noise by closing curtains and turning the TV/radio on and distract them with treats and toys.
puppy loud noises

We recommend:


Place the collar on your puppy right after adoption, and keep it on your puppy’s neck at all times.

Why is your puppy so scared?

At first, your puppy can be scared by many things, sounds and people.  Everything is totally new and unknown to them.

Give them opportunities to learn by exposing them to new sounds, loud noises and unfamiliar situations.

Expose your puppy gradually to each category and this will help them get familiar and settled.

Do not punish your puppy if they aren’t behaving how you would like as this will only distress them further. On the contrary, reward your puppy when they manage to settle down, for instance in presence of a “scary noise” (e.g. the vacuum cleaner).

Puppies will be receptive to new things for up to 16 weeks old.  It’s better to start early and gradually.

ADAPTIL Junior releases “comforting messages” to help your puppy feel more confident and self-assured.

Using ADAPTIL Junior will help your puppy adapt faster to unfamiliar situations.