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How to leave your puppy alone at home

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Help your puppy cope with your absence with ADAPTIL Junior

  • Clinically proven to help puppies stay alone
  • Improvement happens within the first week
  • Continued use for at least one month after adoption is recommended

Provide a “home alone survival kit”

  • Comfortable and safe place where your puppy can stay alone (don’t leave your favourite shoes around though!)
  • Full of chew toys and other distractions to stay occupied (treats, music, radio)

Departure and homecoming:

  • Initial daytime departures should be when your puppy is tired and likely to sleep (They sleep alot so this is easy!)
  • Use a crate big enough for a sleeping area and a toileting area or make a pen or just a puppy-proofed room.
  • Provide food-stuffed toys to encourage licking behaviour (this is self-soothing).
  • Keep TV/radio on if normally on when you are at home.
  • Consider a doggy camera so you can monitor them while you are out.
  • When you return, wait until your puppy is calm before interacting with them.  Do not ignore them if they are distressed.  If persistent then try a simple command followed by a treat to calm them down.
  • Never punish your puppy for any destruction, barking or mess in your absence. This would simply increase their worries and make it more likely to happen again.
  • Every puppy is different and for difficult cases we recommend speaking to a qualified dog trainer or behaviourist.
puppy home alone

We recommend:


Place the collar on your puppy right after adoption, and keep it on your puppy’s neck at all times.

Training your puppy to be home alone

No matter how much you love your puppy, as every dog parent does, you will need to leave your puppy alone from time to time. This is not an easy thing for them but with a little training, they will manage and soon will not even notice your absence! Read our top tips to help your puppy settle when left alone. 

The key success factor is for them to learn it is ok to be alone and how to pass the time while you are gone. Dogs are highly social animals, so this requires training. Take a look at these 4 tips for positive puppy training.

First teach your puppy to play alone while you are present. Offer a chew toy, ideally stuffed with food or treats. Reward your puppy when he settles down and plays quietly with you around.

Then leave your puppy alone for just a few minutes, while he’s still playing with his toy. From there, you will build up to longer periods (an hour or more). Also try to time this when they are tired and naturally will sleep while you are gone. Here's 10 separation anxiety solutions to calm your new puppy that may help.

You might also consider using a crate. This helps some puppies feel more secure. Teach them the crate is a safe and fun place with lots of treats and toys.

You need to make your departure and your homecoming as uneventful as possible. That means you should wait for your puppy to calm down before going to say hello or making a fuss. But do not ignore completely. This could also upset and frustrate them. If they are persistent then you could try a simple command like sit followed by a treat. Always reward good behaviour and never punish.  

There are many different training techniques for this so ask for advice at your basic puppy training classes.

Using ADAPTIL Junior will help your puppy feel reassured and relaxed while you are away.


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