Money back guarantee

Adaptil® is proven to help puppy socialisation and training, dog travel, stay in kennels, and fear of noises. If you are not satisfied that the product has helped after using Adaptil®, according to directions, and the behaviours stated above. We will provide a full refund through your veterinary practice or other place of purchase.The efficacy of Adaptil® has been demonstrated in more than 13 studies published in scientific journals and at veterinary conferences around the world and we get daily feedback from pet owners saying how much ADAPTIL has helped their dog(s).

We at Adaptil® are dedicated to helping people resolve these problems and provide as much advice as possible before recommending a qualified behaviourist, or additional environmental changes which may be needed alongside the pheromones.  

Please note to qualify for your refund, the product must be used according to the instruction insert and for the appropriate length of time. If in any doubt seek advice from your veterinary practice or behaviour therapy specialist or contact us. Adaptil® is not  a veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease consult your veterinary surgeon.The ADAPTIL Guarantee only applies to purchases made in the UK. Proof of purchase required. If you are unhappy with the effects of Adaptil®, we will gladly refund your money for any unused products, excluding any shipping or handling fees.

To receive a refund, please follow the steps below - we have made these steps as easy as possible for your convenience. We reserve the right to deny any refunds that do not meet our stated requirements.

Here’s how the guarantee works:

1.    Get in touch to discuss what behaviours you were trying to help alleviate with Adaptil®. Email: or Call: 01494 781 510 option 2 (our office hours are 9-5 weekdays except on Fridays when the office closes at 4:15pm - outside these hours please leave a message with your contact details.)

2.    We’ll make sure the product is suitable for your pet in their situation and the necessary steps needed are in place alongside the pheromones.

3.    Give us a chance to help, we here are trained to give you additional advice to try and help in your dog’s situation.

4.   If all the above criteria has been met and Adaptil® has not helped in your situation after a full 30 days, we will arrange your refund with your supplier.

What do you need to do to get your money back? Send us story, what happened with a proof of purchase and we contact you back at this matter.