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Pet Anxiety Awareness Month


ADAPTIL has been around for over 20 years helping dogs cope with anxiety. We wanted to raise awareness far and wide that there are solutions to help you help your beloved dog. That's why we created "Pet Anxiety Month’’ - a chance to spread far and wide these messages.

ADAPTIL is the ideal support tool and can sometimes help your dog on its own, but it is always advisable to do more alongside for the best results.

Pet Anxiety Awareness Month - Help your dog


Professional help

If you feel like you need to understand why your dog does something and how you go about managing it there is no better place to source a professional than the ABTC. Their website contains a list of accredited professionals in your area from dog trainers to pet behaviourists.


Product support

ADAPTIL is one of the only clinically proven dog behavioural products on the market. Any claims that are made are backed up with a study:

It is the ideal support to help with your anxious dog.


Pet Advice

For further behaviour advice visit:

We recommend:

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser

Plug in where your dog stays alone for at least 30 days.