Bodie, 2 лет/года

We have a German shorthair pointer called Bodie. She’s 18 months old and lovely … Really lovely

She chose us, and she came and slept on me which was beautiful.

We attended a fireworks display, she showed terrible signs of distress. She cowered, she shook she licked her lips. We realised that she had an issue with the fireworks.

We found ADAPTIL Express on a Facebook group, we looked at what other people had experienced and thought that we would try it ourselves.

We give the tablets about 2 hours before we know there will be a firework and there is a definite difference: she goes back to sleep, she doesn’t move away.  

We also ensure she knows that she has a safe place to go to. She has her bed, she’s got her comforts around her.

She’s more relaxed and she feels safer.

It really has made a difference. It’s made life with our dog happier

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