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This may be due to being manipulated whilst restrained, having certain sensitive body areas touched, the smell of and being shampooed, and being brushed and having their nails trimmed etc.

Furthermore, a visit to the groomer may also be associated with a car ride, which is also known to be stressful for many dogs, making the memory of the trip to the groomer even more negative for them.

Signs of fear in dogs while at the groomer include:

  • Agitation
  • Panting
  • Salivating excessively
  • Trembling
  • Whining
  • Urinating/soiling
  • Attempting to escape
  • Attempting to bite due to fear* 

Fortunately, Adaptil offers several options to help your dog cope with going to the groomer. 

How to reduce or prevent your dog’s fear of the groomer

If your dog has a history of showing signs of fear at the groomer:


Use the Adaptil Spray on the blanket or the crate used in the car (REMEMBER to wait 15 minutes before putting the dog in the car once you have sprayed) if you travel to the groomer by car


You might also fit your dog with an Adaptil Collar, but while shampooing your dog, the groomer should remove the collar as the cleaning detergent will remove the pheromones from the collar’s surface. However, the collar can be replaced once your dog is dry, and this might still help them during the car ride and most of the time spent at the groomer.


These options can be combined for the best effect on your dog, as there is no negative interaction between them

See also our tips and advice to help Travel with your dog.

*Note: Although Adaptil will help relieve your dog’s fear, the product is not recommended for managing cases of aggression. If your dog has a history of aggression towards the groomer, muzzling is still recommended as a precaution. However, approaching a behaviourist is strongly advised for helping a dog cope with going to the groomer in this situation.

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