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preparing for a puppy adoption


Bringing home your new puppy for the first time is an incredibly exciting moment to be cherished.  It is the start of a life long relationship and you want to begin it properly.  To help your puppy adjust and grow up to be a confident dog there are certain considerations and preparations that should be made before you embark on this journey. 

To help with your journey, we have collected some special advice from veterinary experts to ensure that the addition of your new puppy is as happy and stress free as possible.

Adaptil Puppy Series-- Picking the perfect breed and type of puppy for you and your home

Watch and listen as behavioural expert Carolyn Menteith explains the most important factors to consider before choosing the right kind of puppy for your household based on breed and personality type.

Adaptil Puppy Series- Essential health care information for your puppy

Watch this video hosted by our CEVA veterinary advisor and behavioural expert Carolyn Menteith to discover essential information regarding important health precautions—such as worming and vaccinations-- and the proper steps of socialization to make for a happy and well-adjusted puppy.

Adaptil Puppy Series – A practical guide to basic training for your puppy

Watch as behavioural expert Carolyn Menteith shares these easy-to-follow training methods to make your puppy sit, stay, come to you, and more.

Settling Your Puppy in at home


A few simple steps can help your puppy feel at ease and get comfortable in its new home and Adaptil can help.


Plug-in an Adaptil Diffuser at floor level in the room where your puppy will sleep and spend most of its time.


The diffuser should be switched on continuously for at least four weeks and the refill replaced as necessary.


In addition start to socialise and train your puppy.

The above steps using Adaptil help to eliminate anxiety and ensure that this first impression between you and your new puppy is a great one. Adaptil has been clinically proven to support an easier and faster settling process in the new home for puppy and owner.

This very first step needs care and preparation to ease your puppy into your family and begin the transition towards developing a healthy and well-adjusted dog. Many puppies have never been in a car, so planning is essential to avoid creating any fear or anxiety during this first car ride and it is important to keep your puppy calm and relaxed as it takes its first ride home with you. Plan ahead, use a carrier or some way to restrain your puppy in the car for the safety of all the occupants.

Adaptil scientifically recreates the pheromone emitted by mother dogs when providing reassurance to their puppies. Follow these steps in using Adaptil to help eliminate anxiety and ensure that this first impression between you and your new puppy is a great one.

Adaptil has been clinically proven to support an easier and faster settling process in the new home for puppies and their owners.

- Fit an Adaptil Collar to your puppy.


Apply Adaptil Spray to the container your puppy will be riding in during the car ride home, or alternatively on the car seat or cushion. This spray should be applied 15 minutes before your dog is introduced to the car. For safety reasons, if the puppy travels in the car with no kennel or crate, it's advised to attach them to the seat belt during the ride.

For long journeys, reapply the spray every 4-5 hours.

See video advice from our veterinary advisor on how Adaptil will help your puppy.

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