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dog behaviour


Dogs have different behaviours for different situations. In addition to this, dogs learn behaviours based on their experiences. This makes understanding and helping dog behaviour much more complicated.


What makes a dog man’s best friend is how well they seem to understand us.  But do we always understand them? Dogs communicate with us all the time but without words or conversation.  Instead they use body language, facial expressions and some vocalizations to let us know what they feel and think. Being able to pick up on these signals will ultimately improve your relationship. The first step in improving dog to people communication is to make sure your puppy receives appropriate and adequate socialization in the proper manner and at the proper time.

Just like people, if a dog is misunderstood, frustrated that their needs are not met, confused or anxious because of unclear human-dog communication, they can become stressed.


In addition to the above social situations which can cause stress, there are several contexts also known to be potentially stressful for dogs:


Inappropriate restraint/handling, especially without proper prior acclimation (grooming, hugging, petting)


Social interactions they are worried about without any opportunity to escape


Exposure to new situations and fearful environments with or without proper prior exposure and learning (new people, loud noises, thunderstorms, etc.)


Adoption/ settling into a new home


Separation (staying alone at home or in a kennel)




Veterinary visits

Acute and chronic stress signs

Common signs of acute stress in dogs include:

Other signs not shown above are:

Yawning, Increased motor activity/Pacing, Panting, Muzzle Licking, Low body postures, Urination, Defecation/diarrhea and expression of anal glands.

Common behaviours displayed by dogs suffering from chronic stress:

  • Decreased exploratory or play behaviour
  • Decreased appetite
  • Reduced social behaviour (with other pets or humans)
  • Apathy
  • Increased reactivity or vigilance (barking at the slightest noises)
  • Increased sleep or disruption of sleeping patterns

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