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dog behaviour


How well can you read your dog's behaviour?  Its not always easy to tell how your dog is feeling.  See our tips on recognizing certain signs of stress in your dog.

Can you tell how your dog is feeling?

Everyone loves the idea of having happy, well behaved dogs.  While many dogs are naturally confident and laid back, taking everything that comes their way in stride, this is not always the case.  As pet guardians, we want our dogs to feel happy and secure in any situation.  

It can sometimes be difficult to recognize when our furry friends aren't feeling as calm and comfortable as we would like them to. Dogs are also very good at hiding their feelings from us. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate that your dog is experiencing some stress. 

Even the most confident dogs can have bad days

Adaptil helps dogs of all ages feel calm, confident and secure by mimicking the natural dog appeasing pheromone a mother dog emits after giving birth.

To learn more about what causes of stress in dogs, see the section on Stress Factors.

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