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dogs get stressed too


Dogs today can find our hectic lifestyles difficult to cope with. We are constantly on the go whether it be moving house, going on holiday, having visitors over or parties, and even loud noises we make for fun like fireworks. And, many of our dogs spend most of their days alone at home while we are busy with our family obligations and professional lives.


Dogs exhibit different signs of stress, depending on the dog and on the stressful situation. Typical signs of stress a dog can show are: 






More serious dog stress signs

AgitationHypervigilance and Restlessness

  • Agitated dogs often have a difficult time settling down and may jump up and startle at small noises. 
  • Hyper-vigilant dogs will pace, look out windows, follow people and seem always on alert unable to settle and relax. 
  • Adaptil can help improve these signs. 

Soiling in the home

  • Soiling indoors can occur for many medical reasons, so the first step is a veterinary visit. 
  • However, soiling in the absence of disease may indicate an anxiety condition such as separation distress or noise sensitivities.

Destroying household items

  • Animals without appropriate outlets for play and exercise may chew and destroy household objects. 
  • They may also pull down window coverings, chew window frames and scratch doors from excessive reaction to events occurring outside windows when home alone
  • However, an anxiety condition such as separation distress, loud noise sensitivities and other fears may cause a dog to destroy household items.
  • A video of your dog home alone may help determine why the dog is destructive. 

Excessive Licking and/or scratching

  • If not due to an allergy or inflammation, excessive licking, grooming or scratching in dogs can be related to lack of appropriate outlets, exercise and enrichment and/or stress related behavioural problems (separation anxiety, noises and storms). This can result in injury as well as inflammation in your dog’s skin if licking does become excessive and the dog always scratches the same areas.
  • Always consult with your veterinarian right away to manage any skin problems that occur.
  • If the lack of appropriate enrichment and activity is the cause, then daily walks, dog toys, food dispensing toys etc can help to reduce the stress. These interventions are not a substitute for social interaction with family and other people.

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