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Money back guarantee

Adaptil is supported by a product guarantee.

Adaptil is proven to help puppy socialisation and training, dog travel, stay in kennels, and fear of noises.

If you are not satisfied that the product has helped after using according to directions, and the behaviours stated above, we will provide a full refund through your veterinary practice or place of purchase.

The efficacy of Adaptil has been demonstrated in more than 13 studies published in scientific journals and at veterinary conferences around the world.

Please read pack insert or carton carefully and follow directions for use.

Please note: Behavioural and environmental modifications may be required. If in any doubt seek advice from your veterinary practice or behaviour therapy specialist.

The Adaptil Guarantee currently only applies to purchases made in Australia of registered Australian product. 

Proof of purchase is required.

Product should be used for 30 days, and money back guarantee must be claimed within 60 days of purchase. 

Money back guarantee

What do you need to do to get your money back?

Send us story, what happened with a proof of purchase and we contact you back at this matter.