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puppy training how to make a well behaved dog


Training your puppy is very important. It is the language we use to “talk” to our dog and teach them how to be calm, well-behaved members of our family. Here are some guidelines to get you started. 

Use positive rewards based training only.  Punishment will only frighten your puppy and not enhance learning. If a trainer asks you to do something harsh to your puppy, you should leave and find another class.

How to use Adaptil in Puppy Training


Start training as soon as possible, both in the house and in the garden (away from other noises).


Use a basic flat collar - no pinch or choke collars that cause pain. Head halters or body harnesses are also good options.


Develop simple commands like sit, stay, and down.


Get your puppy used to a lead, and not to pull on it.


Be patient - your puppy is young and doesn't know the human rules. Give him/her time, positive reinforcement and they will quickly learn what you want them to do.


Using Adaptil during training helps dogs learn better. This is why dog training organisations (like Leader Dogs in the USA, Hearing Dogs and Medical Detection Dogs in the UK, and police dogs) use Adaptil collars on their dogs.


Adaptil (Collar and Diffuser) have been clinically proven to promote learning by reducing stress during training: this allows your dog to better concentrate and be more responsive, thus improving their ultimate performance.


Adaptil Collar is particularly useful in training as it provides a constant release of the comforting pheromone, for the benefit of your dog indoors and out.


In addition to the Adaptil Collar, an Adaptil Diffuser is useful if plugged in the room where training sessions take place, as it benefits all dogs at once.

See also this video: How to use Adaptil for puppy and dog training.

For more information on training see the Dogs Trust Training Videos.

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